Code Authors Title of paper Page No
ETEBMS-2016_ENG-CS1 Purushottam R. Patil, Dr. Yogesh Sharma and Dr. Manali Kshirsagar, U2R Attack Detection Using Machine Learning 01-04
ETEBMS-2016_ENG-CS2 Kailash Aseri and Dr. Arun JB A Review of Mobile Ad Hoc Networking Features & Applications 05-09
ETEBMS-2016_ENG-CS3 R.Sivamalar, Dr. Swati Sharma and Devendra Nagal An Improved Resource Scheduling by Dynamic Resource Aware Live Migration Technique 10-15
ETEBMS-2016_ENG-CS4 Nausheen Khilji, AbuBakar Isah and Kabiru Usman Smart Cities with Internet of Things 16-19
ETEBMS-2016_ENG-CS5 Mitesh Sharma Human Computer Interface Future Challenges & Emerging Technologies 20-24
ETEBMS-2016_ENG-CS6 Alhassan Garba, Ali Ibrahim Jauro and Alhassan Bala A study on image compression techniques 25-32
ETEBMS-2016_ENG-EE1 Anwarul M haque, Dr. Swati Sharma and Devendra Nagal
Power Electronics: A Serving Tool to Improve the Efficiency of Solar Power System 33-40
ETEBMS-2016_ENG-EE2 Nirav D. Mehta, Anwarul M haque and Ashish P Patel Evolution of Flexible AC Transmission System Controllers 41-46
ETEBMS-2016_ENG-EE3 Safdar qureshi and Sumit joshi Calculation of Semiconductor Failure Rate 47-49
ETEBMS-2016_ENG-EE4 Budi Srinivasarao, G.Sreenivasan, Swati Sharma and Devendra Nagal Power Quality Improvement in Microgrid Using Advanced Active Power Conditioner 50-54
ETEBMS-2016_ENG-EE5 Amit M.Rai Fault Diagnosis Based on ANN for Turn-to-Turn Short Circuit of Synchronous Generator Rotor Windings 55-58
ETEBMS-2016_ENG-EE6 Bhanu Pratap Singh, Deepak Mewara and Piyush Purohit
Challenging Issues and opportunities in Electric Power system Automation 59-63
ETEBMS-2016_ENG-EE7 Jatin Borana A Review on Artificial Intelligence Technologies & its Applications 64-67
ETEBMS-2016_ENG-EE8 Usman Aliyu Gora, Adamu Bello A Study and Application of Face Recognition System Using Artificial Neural Networks With Back propagation 69-71
ETEBMS-2016_ENG-EC1 Bhavin C. Shah, Devendra Nagal and Dr. Swati Sharma Air Compressed Gripper Technology For Industrial Automation Robots 72-74
ETEBMS-2016_ENG-EC2 Aditi Acharya and Vivek Bora
Morphological Dilation For Digital Image Enhancement 75-77
ETEBMS-2016_ENG-EC3 Anita Tiwari
A review on Haptic Science Technology and its Applications 78-83
ETEBMS-2016_ENG-EC4 Dr. Swati Sharma, Reema and Devendra Nagal Object recognition using local difference binary descriptor of 3-D image in real time using 2-D 84-87
ETEBMS-2016_ENG-EC5 Bhavin C. Shah, Dr. Swati Sharma and Devendra Nagal Analyzing Wireless Control For Industrial Automation Robots Using Android Mobile 88-90
ETEBMS-2016_ENG-EC6 Bhavin C. Shah, Dr. Swati Sharma and Devendra Nagal Simulation Tool For Industrial Automation Robots 91-92
ETEBMS-2016_ENG-EC7 Er. Chetan Siyota, Mr. Neeraj Arora and Er. Piyush Vyas Literature Survey on Various Type of Load Balancing Algorithms in Wireless Sensor Networks 93-95
ETEBMS-2016_ENG-EC8 Nura Muhammad Shehu and Musbahu Muhammad Adam A Survey on Thermal Aware Routing Protocols in WBAN 96-99
ETEBMS-2016_ENG-EC9 Girish Padhan, Dr (Proff) YP Singh, Dr. Yogesh Sharma
Digital Image Processing for Image Representation and restoration of the noisy Image 100-102
ETEBMS-2016_ENG-EC10 Musbahu Muhammad Adam and Nura Muhammad Shehu Wireless Sensor Networks: Security Issues 103-107
ETEBMS-2016_ENG-EC11 Mr. Mayur U. Yelpale Dr. Swati Sharma and Devendra Nagal System Electrical Parameters and Their Effects on Bearing Current 108-116
ETEBMS-2016_ENG-CE1 NeerajKhatri Dr. S. K. Singh and Dr. JoginderKairo A Study of Reclamation of Bandhwari Landfill Site, Gurgaon, Haryana 117-121
ETEBMS-2016_ENG-CE2 Dr. S. K. Singh, Bhagwati Prakash Sharma, Dr.Gautam Lalwani Assessment of Respiratory Health Problems among School Children due to Exposure to Air Pollutants from Cement Manufacturing Plants 122-124
ETEBMS-2016_ENG-CE3 NeerajKhatri and Dr. S. K. Singh Treatment of Biodegradable waste for small towns and community 125-127
ETEBMS-2016_ENG-ME1 Badamasi Maiwada
Solar hybrid gas turbine systems 128-133
ETEBMS-2016_ENG-MAT1 Sarita Sharma and Dr. Yogesh Sharma Numerical Solutions Of Fractional Derivatives And Fractional Powers Of Derivatives 134-136
ETEBMS-2016_ENG-MAT2 Jayashri Shankar Suravase and Tejas Suresh Bamhane Optimization in various field of matrix 137-139
ETEBMS-2016_ENG-MAT3 Jayashri Shankar Suravase and Dr. Yogesh Sharma Generalize role of the Hypergeometric function of multivariate matrix argument in the wireless Communications 140-143
ETEBMS-2016_ENG-MAT4 Jayashri Shankar Suravase and Lahu Optimization bacterial growths in population by be relevant differential equation 144-146
ETEBMS-2016_ENG-MAT5 Lalita Mistry, Dr. Arif M.Khan and Dr. D.L. Suthar Review on Analytical and Approximate methods for Fractional Differential Equations 147-153
ETEBMS-2016_BM1 Deepak Mewara, Piyush Purohit and Bhanu Pratap Singh Rathore Wearable Devices Applications & its Future 154-159
ETEBMS-2016_BM2 Piyush Purohit, hanu Pratap Singh Rathore and Deepak Mewara Image Guided Surgery Using Virtual Reality 160-163
ETEBMS-2016_MED1 Misurya Ishita and Singh Kuldeep Impact of Digital Media on Sleep Pattern Disturbance in Medical and Nursing students 164-170
ETEBMS-2016_MED2 KavishaAhari The Deja` Vu Illusion 171-175
ETEBMS-2016_MED3 Kritika Jain and Himanshu Kharadi Overview of Research on Sky: Sudarshan Kriya Yoga 176-181
ETEBMS-2016_MED4 Himanshu Kharadi and Kritika Jain Aura- Bio Energy 182-185
ETEBMS-2016_LS1 Sujata Rai
The Relationship Between Self Efficacy and Decision Making on Academic performance of an Adolescents 186-189
ETEBMS-2016_LS2 EktaTiwari

An Introduction to Assisted Reproductive Technology(ART) 190-195
ETEBMS-2016_ENG-MGT1 Kalpesh Krushnarao Potdar
Various parameters affecting affordable housing in government & private sector, Pune, Maharashtra 196-202
ETEBMS-2016_ENG-MGT2 Nutan

Web 2.0 and Its impact and relevance in the Tourism Sector AN INDUSTRY ANALYSIS 203-206
ETEBMS-2016_ENG-MGT3 Arti Vajpai

A Study On Stress Management Among The Employees Of Nationalised Banks

ETEBMS-2016_ENG-MGT4 Payal Sharma

Comparative Analysis of Equity Mutual Funds in India (On selected Equity Funds) 210-213